This is a mighty might cleanser.  It will help you get out tough stains on ceramic.  This product is made by an amazing family who were pioneers in the healthy cleaning industry and have been in business since 1886.

Use to replace powdered cleansers such as Ajax and Comet.  We mostly use this product in the bathroom on the sinks, tubs and toilet bowls.  However we also use Bon Ami to get stains off the walls and baseboards.  Sprinkle a little on your towel and they spray some healthy all purpose cleaner on the powder to make a paste.  Apply to wall for extra cleaning power.  Remember to use a clean rag and healthy all purpose cleaner to the excess powder and polish to a shine!

Green Product Reviews

This is something we all should be excited about!  Our opportunity to transform our human habits on planet earth into more sustainable  practices is being pioneered in the San Francisco Bay Area by the workers and thought leaders at Tesla Motors in Fremont, CA.  Special thanks to Elan Musk for his vision and determination to take the baton from one of my superheroes Nichola Tesla (1856-1943).

The Dream of a better humanity is real at Tesla Motors.  

I had no idea that healthy cleaning products where important and effective when I was introduced to the healthy cleaning industry in fall of 2008.  Being a vegan since 1983, I considered myself pro environment and very health conscious yet healthy cleaning products never made it into my daily habits.  I was not thinking about them at all.  It just seems that I thought that they did not work so what's the use.

Then a dear friend of mine thought that I should research the healthy cleaning industry as an important part of a healthy lifestyle.  After a bit of convincing and persuading I did take a look at his company and his healthy cleaning products.  I was amazed!  Healthy cleaning actually works.  Wow, I thought!  What does this mean to me and how should I begin to incorporated the cleaning products into my life.

The journey began.  I wanted to learn which products where good for the environment and actually worked.  So much trial and error!  There are so many products and if you choose one that does not work the first time you try a healthy cleaning product I can clearly see why you would get discouraged.

So we are going to help you.  Here are some products that we believe in because we use them everyday.

Our healthy cleaning company was established in the February of 2009.  We are now servicing over 5,000 customers in the SF Bay area.  We hope you enjoy the products as much as we do.  If you find a product that you like please let your friends and family know.  Currently less than 1% of the US population is using healthy products and services.  This is something simple that we can all do and it will improve the health of your family and coworkers.  Once we get started hopefully we can get on a roll and develop more sustainable practices.  

The Ecos Pro Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish is a life saver. For year after year our Green Team struggled when it came to cleaning and polishing stainless steel appliances. Using the proper technique and the proper towel is very important to achieve a beautiful finish.  When it comes to the correct product this is the right choice.  For additional tips we teach our technicians to polish by going with the grain of the stainless steel.  When deciding which towel to use to provide the best polish, we recommend trying both the terry towels and  the microfiber towels.  Each stainless steel surface cleans and polishes differently. 

Tesla Motors 

What a healthy joy it is to use natural cleaning products.  POLISH, POLISH, POLISH!!!  This is the key when it comes to cleaning like a pro. This natural cleaning solution is both safe and effective. Your wood furniture will be naturally nourished and left glowing. The subtle aroma is pleasant and the product is easy on your skin.  

Our  40 plus Green Team Members absolutely love this product.  It is a great bleach replacement because just like bleach it kills 99.9% of all bacteria.  The key technique to spray the bathroom cleaner around the areas that you wish to disinfect and then let it sit for 15 min.  This the process which actually kills the germs.  So using the right product in the right way is very important when using healthy cleaning products

Another great benefit of the Seventh Generation disinfecting bathroom cleaner is that it comes in a 100% recycled bottle. The lemongrass scent gives your bathroom a very pleasant light and refreshing feeling.