Green Cleaning Services

In February of 2009 our company began healthy carpet cleaning services to our clients in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Our service is most enjoyed because of it's healthy cleaning solutions and also our fast drying technique.  Our team was in the Real Estate industry before beginning cleaning services.  It was standard in the industry for carpets to take from 24 hours up to a week to dry thoroughly.  This is really inconvenient and often because of the harsh chemicals used in the standard method of cleaning is also very toxic to the service technicians, the clients and the environment. It was an amazing feeling being part of the sustainability solution.  Being involved in a green company has so many health benefits.  One of the greatest need of human beings is the need to be involved in something bigger than oneself.  With the polar ice caps melting, various species going extinct and the amount of breathable oxygen being reduced on the planet, the emotion health benefits for our team are often overlooked and completely underestimate.

Our clients are also green enthusiast.  Less than 1% of the US population is using healthy cleaning products.  After the health benefits of our Green Carpet Cleaning Service, clients began to encourage us to provide other healthy cleaning services.  We were overjoyed with this challenge.  Wow, it was incredible to be in an environment where people want more sustainable options.   We took the challenge on and began studying which other healthy cleaning services we could provide within our time and budget constraints.  

In January of 2010 we increased our healthy cleaning services to include housekeeping, janitorial, upholstery, tile & grout, floor polishing and area rug cleaning.  We like to thank our customers for encouraging us to expand our services.  Our greatest reward to see our clients happy after we provide our healthy cleaning services.  Since we are using natural products and cleaning from our hearts we are improving the indoor air quality of our clients.  We look forward to servicing you, your family and your co-workers.

Thank you for supporting Green Businesses