Can we leave while the team is cleaning

Yes, you can leave and run errands while we are cleaning and when we are close to completion we will give you call so you can return for a walk through and payment

How long does it take to dry

The carpet will be dry to touch upon completion and thoroughly dry with in 2 hours or less.  Upholstery will dry in 3 hours or less and rotation of the cushions hourly is recommended until dry

​Can we walk on the carpet immediately after cleaning

Yes, for best carpet care practices it is good to remove your shoes and wear slippers with a light or clear backing.

Can you spot treat one area of a couch

It is best to color and texture consistency to clean the entire couch.  However if we are performing other services at the location we can clean one cushion, section or pillow at a time.

Do we have to move all the furniture

We ask our clients to remove the light furniture such as end tables, lamps, light chairs and baskets.  We will work around the heavy furniture such as entertainment centers, bookshelves and beds.

Can you clean under the bed

We normally vacuum under the bed.  If the room has been recently rearranged and there are spots or stains that need cleaning under the bed we ask that our clients oversee the moving of the bed.  Some beds need to be disassembled before moving while others slide around with ease.  Together we will determine the best method to accomplish the desired goal.

Can our pets stay in the house while the cleaning service is being performed

Yes, animals feel safe and comfortable while we are cleaning and our methods will not disturb them.  Pets can stay in the home or office the entire time of cleaning.

What is your $99 Special

Our $99 Special is a carpet cleaning service plan that includes vacuuming, spot and stain treatment and deep cleaning for 1 Living Room or 2 Bedrooms, 1 Flight of Stairs - 10-13 steps or 1 Standard Couch - Seats 3.  We have a $99 min to travel for all of our services.

Do you provide natural housekeeping and janitorial services

Yes, our cleaning products are all natural and safe for the environment.  We can custom design our service to meet your cleaning needs and your budget.​​​​

Frequently Asked Questions