My carpet was thick and fluffy when it was new.  After years of trampling
my carpet had become compacted and grayish.  It also had a big dark stain
in the center.  After the Green Carpet Clean Service, I took a look and could barely 
believe my eyes.  My carpet looked new again.  Totally even, fluffy and clean 
with no stains.  I felt compelled to take off my shoes and socks and walk on it.

It was like walking on fresh green grass!  Wow!
There was no order either. Wow! I love it!  They also cleaned the carpeting on the
steps and stairwell. Green Carpet Clean is definitely the way to go!

Anushka Drescher - Berkeley, Ca  12/21/09

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I am happy with Green Carpet Clean

Anushka Drescher: Mother of Two Children - Recommends Green Carpet Clean